It was always clear that Xabi Aburruzaga’s (Portugalete, 1978) passion was music.  At seven years old he began studying music theory and playing the piano accordion.  After a visit with his father’s friend and accordion player from Biscay, Rufino Arrola, Xabi returned home with his beloved button accordion, from which he has not been separated, and that is how his musical journey began.

Throughout his travels, festivals and concerts, Xabi has met a large number of musicians with whom her has shared the stage. He has always felt a sincere admiration for Celtic music and traveling through music has helped to shape this album – from Galicia to Quebec, Asturias to Britain, England, Scotland and Ireland.

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KeltiK (recorded in 2016) is a tribute to Celtic music, where we will never know if it is the music that influences the Celtic culture or the culture that influences the music.

Accompanied by this usual group, Aitor Antruejo on guitar and mandolin, Xabi Zeberio on violin, Mikel Andueza on bass, and Igot Telletxea on the drums, they have also collaborated with Oreka TX, Alos Quartet, Ed Boyd, Yann Le Bozec, Niamh Ni Charra, Martin O’Neill, John Joe Kelly, Callum Stewart, Brian Finnegan, Anxo Lorenzo, Ciaran Ryan, Rua Macmillan, Susana Seivane, Gus Sicard, Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas, and Ross Ainslie.  Lyrics once again, come from Inaki Aurrekoetxea and Jon Maia.

In addition to composition, Xabi will, for the first time, will be responsible for production, resulting in years of experience and dedication to his work.

The release of KeltiK took place at the Getxo Folk Festival in September 2016 with various collaborators.

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In 2013, after a season of concerts in the Basque Country, Greece and the United States, he sees the light:


Geure (recorded in 2013) In his third album, where he surprised us with his personal style of feeling the music.  It combines tradition and modernity with music that ranges from folk sounds to a more jazzy sound where the strength of metals give it a very personal touch.  An album with a Celtic air and the personality of Xabi Aburruzaga.  The lyrics of this project are by Iñaki Aurrekoetxea, Unai Elorriaga and Kirmen Uribe.

2009 is the year in which Xabi invited the listener to join this imaginary journey through the music that has inspired him in the most important times of his life.

Denboraren Naufrago

Denboraren Naufrago (Elkar 2009) is the first album with its own compositions and themes, in which the lyrics by Kirmen Uribe stand out.

In the year 2005 Xabi edits a book of sheet music, Bizkaiko Trikitixa, which according to Xabi is “a jewel since our elders are disappearing and with them, their works.”  The inspiration for these scores are reflected in the album Bizkaiko Trikitixa, where starting from the tradition but with a more universal approach, Xabi tries to reach a wider audience.  For this work he also has great musicians like Mikel Markez, Amaia Oreja, Leturia, Xabi Zeberio, etc.

In the career of Xabi Aburruzaga, there has always been time for collaboration with projects and proposals of many kinds: in 2002, the songs of the festivals of Bermeo (Egunero egunero kalien), followed by his hometown of Portugalete (Sartu da jaia Portua).  Later came the tribute album to Zamudio, where for the first time, he worked as a director, composer and arranger (Zamudio orain eta beti). In 2004, he composed and recorded the music of Ibilaldia (festival of the Ikastolas in Bizkaia) with lyrics by Fredi Paia.

In 2014 Xabi won the the Runas del Festival de Ortigueira, where he gave and unforgettable concert, with Cristina Pato and Sharon Shannon.

The list of festivals in which Xabi Aburruzaga has taken part is extensive and include festivals in the Basque Country, Spain, France, Ireland, Scotland, Quebec, and the United States.