One, two, three, four… and five (bost).

As many creative works as one can count on an open hand. Bost. The fifth brings sounds to enjoy with all the senses. Sound emanating from the five points of a star.  Welcome, Bost. The outstretched hand of a tireless musician in his mature years. Hand stretched towards recent experiences. Motivation for happiness.

Bost is the fifth work of the triki player and composer, Xabi Aburruzaga (born in Portugalete, 1978).  Unlike the previous album (Keltik) when Xabi proposed traveling to the Celtic land, this time, the music comes from within, sounds of his recent years’ experiences, some woven with lyrics. In the pieces Bilbao-La Robla and Waltz for Velilla, he reminisces of the trips he made as a child to the land of his grandparents, Palencia, as well as memories brought from more recent trips: Reel Quebecoise, Nadirren Giltza, Meigas, and Zortzi Jauzi; the latter, a tribute to the Basque diaspora he met in the United States. Having been a  first-time father last year, he could not miss the piece dedicated to his son Izei.  There are also more tribute on the album: one dedicated to the father of a close friend and pandero player in Irumugarrieta 2.0, 88ko Txapelketa, remembering the championship where the triki players that he has for teachers in his first years became known, or the experiences with Josu Zabala (Hertzainak) and friends in Mekoleta. May of these pieces are based on the classic sound of the accordion of which Aburruzaga takes great care, as in the piece Hauspoaren Infernutik. However, in this work he has not been able to resist the desire to look for new areas; an example of this is Atxarre, which reminds us of a Nordic landscape, and the theme that gives the name to the album, a newly composed piece in the rhythm of five, based on the idea proposed by Garikoitz Aldekoa.

As usual, Xabi Aburruzaga has had numerous collaborations in the recording of the album: Yves Lambert (La Bottine Souriante), Jorge Arribas and Diego Galaz (Feten Feten), Anxo Lorenzo and the pandero players of the group Tanxugueiras (Olaia Maneiro, Sabela Maneiro and Aida Tarrio), Calum Stewart, Argibel Euba and Iñigo Olazabal, Amaia Oreja, Mikel Markez, Jose Maria Santiago “Motriku”, Pilar Aresti and representatives of the Basque Centers of America. Miren Amuriza, Unai Iturriaga and Iñaki Aurrekoetxea have written the lyrics of five songs. On the other hand, Aitor Uribarri (tambourine), Koldo Uriarte (keyboards), Jon Cañaveras (double bass), Eriz Perez (acoustic guitar), Xabier Zeberio (violin, viola and nyckelharpa) and Gorka Urmeneta (alboka) make up the Aburruzaga group. In the production, he has counted on the help of Jose Urrejola, the design has been carried out by Higinia Garai and Unai Mimenza has been in charge of the sound. Aburruzaga himself has taken over the direction of production.

The musician of Portugalete has made reflective journey, to the experiences with friends near and far, childhood, fatherhood, and of course love, that of which he has for the trikitixa; he has turned them into beloved pieces, each one more than the next, and has dedicated Bost to the public, so that together they continue to nourish the universe of Basque culture.